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With every product we bring to market, I ask: are we building a better world?

As a manufacturers’ representative, I am in a position to selectively determine only bringing products to market that ultimately elevate humanity.

I ask you to ask yourselves:

  • Does an addiction help fuel sales of the product?
  • Will the customer be in some way disappointed with their product when it is in their hands, or will it become dysfunctional or obsolete sooner than they had hoped?
  • Does the product employ wasteful packaging or environmentally harmful material/usage?

If you can answer “yes” to any of these, I am not interested in working with you. I implore you to consider pivoting toward a product that is not merely profitable, but provides lasting value for your customers. If, however, you believe you can help bring lasting value to your customers and would stand by your product as a consumer, I would love to hear about it.

Commercially Viable Fit

I have a threshold of what orders I will be able to service based on commercial viability and total volume. I primarily work with high-volume clients (orders totaling 5,000+ units), but can often arrange first orders of MOQs of only 1000. We understand the importance of testing products before overcommitting to capital, and we hope we can provide you a responsible test purchase prior to scaling up. If you can commit as low as $5,000 in capital toward the landed cost of a purchase order, I would be interested in talking with you.

If you believe your product is a good fit for my criteria, read on to see how easy and straightforward our sourcing process is.




 Not sure if your product is the right fit for Welsh Ventures?


Our 4 Step Process

1. Quote

We provide a custom quote based on your product specifications and requirements.

2. sample

We manufacture and ship a sample of your product directly to you.

3. production

Once approved, we manufacture the product to your specifications.

4. delivery

Depending on your needs we will transfer the manufactured goods to you (FOB) or arrange shipping directly to your warehouse (DDP)

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