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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of products can you produce?

From our network, virtually any consumer product can be sourced: camping/outdoor gear, textiles, home/garden, kitchenware, toys, etc.

Where are the U.S. based offices?

Our main offices based out of Colorado and Minnesota take care of all administrative work. We pride ourselves on crystal-clear communication and best-in-class administration.

What are all the services you offer?

Original product design/administration,
factory scouting, order management, quality control, cost management, direct importing, shipping/logistics management, document management, ongoing consultation

How much do you charge?

Because each product has different needs, a consultation would be required to calculate the exact cost involved.

What is the required number of units produced?

I primarily work with high-volume clients (orders totalling 10,000+ units), but if you have a higher-ticket product or a strong case for the product integrity, I may be able to make an arrangement.

How do you communicate with the factories?

With over 50 distinctively specialized factories currently running production for us and a separate office based in China, we have “boots on the ground” who will forge connections with facilities that provide the most competitive quality and cost. We negotiate on your behalf and present you with your best options.