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Welsh Ventures is set apart for its strong values, industry experience, and transparency.

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-Best practices in transparent communication with all partners and clients

-Ethically responsible Supply Chains

-Bringing to market only products that elevate humanity


  • Global Sourcing Consultant
  • Manufacturer’s Representative
  • TVs Buyer for Walmart eCommerce
  • Amazon FBA Brand Owner


Every player in the merchandising space is accountable to being honest with everyone they deal with.



As players in the game of merchandising, we play a critical role that carries deep impact on a tangible, ethical, even spiritual level. With products we bring to market, I ask: are we building a better world?

As a manufacturers’ representative, I am in a position to selectively determine only bringing products to market that ultimately elevate humanity.

As a US citizen who has met suppliers in person in China that have served me, I have become passionate about bringing legitimacy to ethically-responsible Asian markets and leveraging global arbitrage where it is responsible.

With a present awareness of our current geopolitical climate and unstable financial markets, I believe building lasting supply lines that will weather storms and empower humans for survival in the most trying of times is imperative to human flourishing.

It is pretty simple really; does this not come down to “love your neighbor as yourself”?

Let’s build a better method of business together.



Prior to my work in sourcing solutions, in April of 2018 I left my work in digital advertising to establish my own eCommerce business, Tentmaker LLC.

This small venture centered on bringing to market products which I believed held lasting value within the outdoor and camping space. The name Tentmaker is a reference to the “day job” of the Apostle Paul, in line with the vision of supporting commercial endeavors that elevate humanity while promoting a lifestyle of non-vocational ministry in my “spare time.”

Tentmaker has to date produced 6 original products from Guangzhou, China at the international Canton Fair; they can all be found under the Tentmaker brand on Amazon.com

From June 2019 to Sept 2020 I worked as a Category Specialist for Walmart eCommerce, managing two 8-figure television businesses on Walmart.com 

My experience at Walmart equipped me with a three-pronged approach to business: 

1) Bring value to each party involved with your dealings for long-term success

2) Consider the customer experience at each stage of production

3) People and relationships will always be the most important

With a combination of Fortune 1-level corporate merchandising experience coupled with my independent sourcing experience as a private seller, I now devote my time to sourcing original products from manufacturing firms that align with my vision. I partner with eCommerce professionals that share my values for product quality and purpose. My clients include both independent sellers as well as sourcing managers for larger corporations. 


to the supply chain.

My aim is to bring transparency to supply chains. Put bluntly, our modern retail and eCommerce industry has become rife with deception. In a competitive free market, many players have concluded that taking certain shortcuts seem to get them a step ahead of the rest and in front of their customers. I aim to promote a shift in this way of thinking to prove that transparency-based products are not just more beneficial for the customer, but can in fact be more commercially successful in the long term.

I believe every player in the merchandising space is ethically accountable to being honest with all whom they deal with. For the retailer, this means staying away from deceptive marketing schemes (ie “free product-just pay shipping”), or tactics like advertising a certain price and then slapping on additional, unlabeled “fees” when the customer reaches the checkout.

For the supplier/manufacturer, this means being up-front with their clients as early as possible. This means outlining every expected cost prior to signing on a production run. This means being honest when a project is beyond our capacity of production or timeline, even if it means forfeiting business.

It is pretty simple really; does this not come down to “love your neighbor as yourself”?

Let’s build a better method of business together.

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About David Welsh

The Welsh ventures legacy

Pictured here are three generations of Welsh men who have paved a path of entrepreneurship and wise business dealings, committing their life work to ventures in sectors ranging from data analysis to commercial real estate: my father Justin, his father Lee, and his father Arthur (Curly) Welsh. Can you guess who each is? In the footsteps of these cowboys, I hope to continue our family legacy built on generations of patience, fortitude, and adventure.

David welsh


I live and adventure with my better half, Priscilla, in Arvada, Colorado. My wife serves as my advisor and co-stakeholder of Welsh Ventures LLC. In our free time you might find us rock climbing, skiing, beer-making, or eating yummy food that Priscilla makes. Beyond my professional efforts in the merchandising and manufacturing space, I have also taken on private endeavors in Christian ministry, podcasting, and academic tutoring. As you have already made it to this corner of the site, care to chat? Even if you aren’t a fit for a commercial venture, I always enjoy connecting with like-minded individuals and offer my consultation freely to those who request it. I’d love to see how I may be able to support you.

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