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What Defines Us:

Ethically Responsible

We exclusively source products we believe to be evergreen. These must be made to meet the user’s best interest and employ an ethically responsible labor chain.

Cost + Quality Competitive

Our firm’s boots on the ground in China allow us to negotiate overseas production costs as locals while ensuring high quality, allowing us multiple projects with Fortune-1 level Corporations

Welsh Ventures LLC About

Clear Communication

We provide best-in-class administration of all production details with responsive, personal communication on your terms. My clients are able to become decision makers in their product without additional hassle.


We specialize in complex and original products spanning several key industries in consumer goods-from board games to exercise equipment. We can provide only manufacturing (FOB), or offer shipping arrangements directly to your warehouse (DDP)

full service

manufactUring & sourcing needs


We offer full-service sourcing solutions of highly customized orders between myself and my production firm, including and not limited to the following below:

Original Product design and administration

As a premier Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturer (ODM), we are able to take your product specifications and work with you to translate them into production-ready orders.

Factory scouting and assessment

With our bilingually-trained office in China we are equipped to communicate and negotiate with hundreds of factories on your behalf to ensure the right facility is utilized for manufacturing needs.

Administration of all manufacturing runs with our partner factories

Order management, quality control, and cost management are all-inclusive with our services, allowing you to have a hands-off sourcing experience if you desire.

Direct Importing, Shipping and Logistics management, and Document management for both Export and Import

As a Direct importer, we have capacity to arrange anywhere from an FOB manufacturing solution to a DDP full service shipped goods solution straight to your defined warehouse. As a direct importer with the ability to cut out the middle man, all cost savings are passed onto you.

Ongoing Consultation

We provide expert knowledge of Chinese business operations through our outstanding relationships with our Asian partners. With every client I take on, I freely offer additional insight and consultation from my industry experience as a corporate merchandiser and independent eCommerce seller.



Our firm’s cost-saving advantages have allowed us to work multiple projects with clients such as:

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-Ethical Sourcing

-Competitive Edge

-Clear Communication


what sets us apart

Build a Better World

As players in the game of merchandising, we play a critical role that carries deep impact on a tangible, ethical, even spiritual level. With products we
bring to market, I ask: are we building a better world?

As a manufacturers’ representative, I am in a position to selectively determine only bringing products to market that ultimately elevate humanity.

As a US citizen who has met suppliers in person in China that have served me, I have become passionate about bringing legitimacy to ethically-responsible Asian markets and leveraging global arbitrage where it is responsible.

With a present awareness of our current geopolitical climate and unstable financial markets, I believe building lasting supply lines that will weather storms and empower humans for survival in the most trying of times is imperative to human flourishing.

1. Ethical

Exclusively sourcing “Products that Matter” from SGS-certified factories.

2. Competitive

Low cost mass production of high quality consumer goods.

3. Clear Communication

Transparent and clear communication that makes for a straightforward and effortless sourcing experience.

4. Flexibility

We specialize in complex product needs, including original designs. 

1. Ethical

We bring to market products that matter

Whether you are an independent eCommerce seller or sourcing products for a corporation, we are excited to bring to market your products that elevate humanity. We take this commitment seriously and maintain a criteria of which products we take on based on its impact on the end user as well as the world.

Partnering with ethically responsible East Asian production

With a reach of thousands of factories across China, Taiwan, Thailand, and Philippines plus packaging facilities in the US, we seek out working with SGS-certified facilities that adhere to established standards for human labor. Our firm adds a layer of pre-vetting who we partner with prior to initiating production to ensure our processes are above board.

Elevating products that matter

We exclusively bring to market products which adhere to my  criteria for elevating humanity: products that ultimately help their end consumer live a better life, not ones which profit off of their weakness

Transparency in client communication

Our code of ethics trickles down to maintaining best practices in our business administration. This means ensuring our terms of service are clear, potential issues are presented as soon as we learn of them, and our costs are all-inclusive and up-front.

Welsh Ventures LLC Sourcing Solutions
Welsh Ventures LLC Product Sourcing Solutions

2. Competitive

Our Competitive Edge

Without sacrificing quality and while minimizing room for mistakes, we understand the importance of keeping landed product costs as low as possible. Our firm’s cost-saving advantages are the reason it has managed multiple projects for companies such as: Walmart, Hasbro, Disney, Sony, Target, and Best Buy-as well as countless smaller businesses

What makes us a cost competitive leader in high volume consumer goods?
  • Over 40 years of experience within our team and the ability to negotiate as bilingual locals allow us to vet our partner factories and construct unusually competitive arrangements.
  • Low overhead for the scope Welsh Ventures operations (we stay limited to three offices in Colorado, Minnesota, and Changzhou, China) creates room for our sensibly low margins for the value our service provides.
  • As an OEM, ODM, and Direct Importer, we handle document prep and import assistance, cutting out the middle man. 
  • These time-saving efforts come at no added-on cost to our clients; all of our administrative services are packaged into the singular quote we provide up front

3. Crystal clear communication

Overcome all language and cultural barriers.

With an office in Changzhou,China, our bilingual staff serve as our “boots on the grounds” providing direct access and personal connection with our production partners. Business is conducted and negotiated by experienced locals in Asia while my clients enjoy crystal-clear US-based communication for the duration of their sourcing journey.

4. Flexibility

Flexibility to Meet Complex Needs

Be it an original board game or set of kitchenware, we are able to take your product designs and turn them into products-meeting you where you are at in the design process. Our flexibility extends to our options for our scope of services, from only manufacturing (FOB) to arranging your shipments (DDP). We also have partnerships with US-based 3PL’s, allowing us to provide warehousing and US-wide order fulfillment, if desired.

We can arrange only the manufacturing (FOB) up to full shipping services of your goods to your warehouse (DDP)

We also specialize in complex product needs, including but not limited to
-Original design based on your specifications
-Obtaining specialized certifications on your behalf



to the supply chain.

I aim to promote a shift in this way of thinking to prove that transparency-based products are not just more beneficial for the customer, but can in fact be more commercially successful in the long term.

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